How to Start a Blog on WordPress [Step by Step Guide]

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Hi, I’m Rahul

Over the last five years starting blogs from scratch and running them, I’ve developed systems and processes to maximize the chances of blogging success.

I created this site to give beginners a fast, foolproof guide to starting a blog without having to learn HTML or making expensive mistakes that most people do. 9,500 blogs have already been created using this guide!



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Want to start your own blog but don’t know where to start and how to setup? Then you have landed the correct place. In this article, I am going to share on How to Start a Blog on WordPress Step by Step Guide. 

Basically to setup a blog developers like me charge some bucks to set it up. But to help newbies who can’t afford to pay for setting up their blog, I have started this blog so that you yourself can launch your own awesome blog without paying to your developer.

Yes, what you heard is right. By the end of this article, you will be setting up your own blog without any help from the developer. So grab a cup of coffee and start setting up your own blog step by step.

Basically to start your own blog you can start for FREE using but to have your own domain name and hosting you need to pay some money. For Domain it is usually 10$/year and for Hosting 2.95$/month. So total cost would be 60$ roughly to maintain your basic blog.

It is as cheap than your restaurant bills when you chill out with your best buddies. Right?

Learn WordPress step by step from this article and start writing awesome posts.

Choose your Domain

To start your blog online you need to think of what domain name should be. Domain name is the URL of the blog you want it to be.
For example, for this blog my domain is
There are many extensions available for Domain like
and much more…
But my ultimate recommendation is to go with .com extension.
Think about what topics you want to blog and start thinking about the domain name.
To make it little easier on getting domain name ideas, I am suggesting two useful tools. Namemesh
Just find your domain name and proceed to the next step.

Choose Affordable Hosting

Assuming that you have selected your domain name. Now the next step is to choose to host your website. Hosting is the space where you store all your files, images, media. This is also required to start your blog.
There are many hosting companies available in the online community. But my personal suggestion is to go with Bluehost Hosting.
Why Bluehost?
Bluehost is one of the best & affordable hosting company and it is highly recommended by WordPress itself. I am using Bluehost from past 3+ years for my long term blogs and never faced any issues with them till now. Their support team is also super fast that your queries get solved easily.

How to purchase Hosting from Bluehost

Let’s move on to proceed to buy hosting.
Step 1: Click on this link for Bluehost hosting
Step 2: On the next page Click on “get started now”

The Best Web Hosting Fast Professional Website Hosting Services Bluehost
Step 3: You will be shown with 3 plans.
As you are starting your new blog I would suggest you to go with Basic Plan for now.
In the basic plan, you will be getting 50 GB web space, FREE SSL certificate, 5 email accounts which are good enough to start your blog.

Click on basic plan and click on “select”
Sign Up Now Bluehost
Step 4: Here is the step where you can get the domain name for FREE for 1 year from Bluehost.
In the “new domain” enter the domain name you have decided and click on “next”
FREE Domain from Bluehost
Step 5: Now comes the main section where you enter your personal details, package information.
In package information section, I would suggest you go with a 36-month plan because it will save you some bucks in the long term.

Decide if you want Domain Privacy and Site Backup Pro options for your blog.
Domain Privacy: It helps you to hide your personal information from others when searched on whois records.
Site Backup Pro: It will send you backups of your blog through Cpanel & email.
Uncheck the two boxes if you don’t feel necessary and it can save you some more bucks.

Enter your credit card information for the purchase, agree to the terms and continue.
Create Your Account Bluehost
You have successfully purchased hosting from Bluehost. Now you will receive an email regarding confirmation and the login details, FTP Details of your hosting.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost Server

There are many blogging platforms available like,, but the best to use is WordPress. WordPress is used by millions of users online because of its flexibility to design the blog according to our needs. In this section, you will learn how to use WordPress to create a website or a blog and use it for your business.

WordPress blog login URL is


Step 2:
Install wordpress on Bluehost HostingStep 3:
install wordpress admin details-www.createblogonline.comStep 4: install wordpress processing

Things to do after Installing WordPress:

Before you start blogging on your newly installed WordPress blog, here are few things which you must do.
Delete default post & Page
Configure Permalink settings.
Configure Discussion settings.

Free WordPress Installation Service

Yes, what you heard is right. May be you heard many people pay for WordPress Installation and Blog Setup. But to my readers, I am doing it for FREE.
Why FREE? 
If you purchase from any of the hosting links I get paid from the hosting company at no extra cost to you. And these commissions help me in maintaining this blog, server maintenance, and others. So it is a WIN-WIN situation for both of us.

Install Good Looking Theme

We can install theme basically in 2 ways. Directly upload the theme using FTP or WordPress Dashboard. In this article, I will show you using the WordPress Dashboard.
Go to Appearance – Themes – Add New – Upload
Basically, to purchase WordPress themes we have many marketplaces but I am suggesting some of the best theme providers you can go with.
Elegant Themes


Install Required Plugins

Basically, there are many plugins required according to your blog needs but here I am listing some mandatory plugins which you need to install.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

After installing WordPress and Theme the next thing you need to learn is to install WordPress Plugin.
There are 4 ways to install Plugins inWordpress..
1) Through Search in Dashboard
2) Through FTP
3) Through Cpanel
4)Download Plugin and Upload through Dashboard

The best of all and easy to do is through Search in Dashboard.
Let me explain you in more detailed way.
Step 1: Goto Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New in the left panel
Step 2: Now you can plugins which are suggested by WordPress and Top rated plugins as shown in screenshot.
Step 3: Now enter the plugin you want to install in the right search bar as shown in screenshot.
Step 4: If its available in the wordpress directory, you will be given an option to Install Now
Step 5: After installing it will ask for activate. You need to activate.
Step 6: That’s it you have succesfully installed plugin in your wordpress theme.


Create Important Pages

Creating pages for identication of your profile, to contact you and terms of the website.
You need to create 3 pages basically.
About Us:In this page you can enter about the blog, what all topics you will blog about, short intro about you and your background. You can checkout our About Us page as a reference.
Contact Us:This page is useful when users on your blog want to connect with you. So basically a contact form is needed. This can be done by installing Contact Form 7 plugin.
Privacy Policy: Pirvacy policy page is needed to show your blog privacy terms and conditions. You don’t need to worry on how to create a private policy page.
I have listed some of the privacy policy generator sites which you can use.
And if you are selling some affiliate products then Affiliate Disclaimer is also needed.


Write your First Blog Post


Now you have written your first blog post. Share it with your online friends and all social media platforms.

Repeat…. Repeat the process of above step.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

There are many ways to make money online. All you need is dedication, patience. Let me explain you some ways on how you can earn.

Adsense: The minimum amount for you to get paid from Google is 100$.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is you selling some other people products/services and you earn a commission from them on a successful sale. This is the best way to earn money but you need a lot of dedication to rank your articles as the competition will be high.
If you want to find low competition keywords then use this awesome tool to find low competition keywords within minutes.

Some of the top affiliate marketing places are:

Commission Junction

Sponsored Posts

Banner Ads

much more…

Final Conclusion: So this was the detailed guide on how to start a WordPress blog for free* and start earning money and money making platforms. If you found this article helpful feel free to comment below in the comment section and don’t hesitate to share with your friends because SHARING IS CARING.

If you want me to help you setup your blog, comment below and I can do it for FREE


Best Tools for Webmasters


This blog is started with an intention to help newbie bloggers who are willing to start but don’t know exactly where and how to start a blog.
This detailed guide will cover all your doubts and also helps you in starting a blog on your own.
Even after reading this guide you are in doubt then you can also opt for my FREE WORDPRESS INSTALLATION SERVICE or you can also email me at

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